Physical Education, First Aid & Civil Defense

Physical Education, First Aid, & Civil Defense

Course Information: Academic Year 2024 2025

Coordinator email: [email protected]
Office: 117 Paramaz Avedisian Building
Office Hours:  To be announced

About Physical Education, First Aid and Civil Defense:   

FND 152 First Aid
FND 153 Civil Defense

Physical Education

Several Physical Education activities are offered, although not necessarily every semester. These include:

FND 110FTN Fitness

FND 110YO Yoga

FND 110FB Football

FND 110 FBW Football Women’s Team (by approval only)

FND 110 FBM Football Men’s Team (by approval only)

FND 110BB Basketball

FND 110BBW Basketball Women’s Team (by approval only)

FND 110BBM Basketball Men’s Team (by approval only)

FND 110TT Table Tennis

FND 110VB Volleyball

FND 110VBM Volleyball Men’s Team (by approval only)

FND 110VBW Volleyball Women’s Team (by approval only)

FND 110K Karate


AUA students are required to complete four (4) semesters of Physical Education in their first two years, and one course each in First Aid and Civil Defense during the freshman fall semester.

Students must successfully complete Physical Education, First Aid and Civil Defense in order to earn an AUA undergraduate degree.

The four required Physical Education courses should be completed in students’ first two years, and First Aid and Civil Defense should be completed during students’ first year.  It is the student’s responsibility to make sure s/he has fulfilled all graduation requirements. Students must complete these and all requirements in order to graduate from AUA.   

Medical Report:   In compliance with Armenian law, all incoming freshman and sophomore students and any other student who will register for Physical Education must submit a medical document completed by a medical professional before the start of classes.  Medical documents must be submitted in hard copy or via email directly and only to the AUA Health Center ([email protected]) by August 15. 

Medical Form for Students age 18 and above
* Medical Form for Students under the age of 18
International Medical Fitness Form

Citizens of Armenia may obtain a medical document from their local polyclinic following a physical examination.  Male citizens of Armenia may submit the relevant page of their military book.

International students may ask a medical professional to provide them with a written statement confirming physical fitness for a Physical Education course.  A sample International Medical Fitness Certificate can be obtained by contacting [email protected].

Students are advised to visit the polyclinic as soon as possible to avoid long waiting times and delays. 

Students who do not submit a Medical Report will not be allowed to participate in physical education (and may be unenrolled from the course) and a hold will be put on the students’ account. 


  • Physical Education, First Aid, and Civil Defense are graded on a Passed (P) / Not Passed (NP) basis.
  • In order to receive a “P” grade in Physical Education, students must activelyparticipate in no less than 75% of class sessions.


  • During course registration, Freshman and Sophomore students and any other student who has not completed his/her physical education requirements must register in amfor Physical Education by choosing one of the Physical Education sections.
  • During course registration freshman students and any other student who has not completed his/her First Aid and/or Civil Defense requirements must register for FND 152 First Aid and FND 153 Civil Defense in Students will then receive a Moodle enrollment key for the course(s). Students take these two courses on Moodle. 
  • For further information about the Physical Education, First Aid, and Civil Defense courses and registration process in general, and/or questions about specific sections offered at AUA, please contact the Physical Education Coordinator at [email protected].

 Exemption from Physical Education:

Students who have a medical condition that prevents them from participating in Physical Education may be exempt from Physical Education.  The procedure to apply for medical exemption is as follows:

  1. Submit a medical doctor’s certification letter on the doctor or facility’s letterhead dated within the past 6 months directly and onlyto the AUA Nurse (room 601 M or [email protected]) by the end of the add/drop period. If submitting a hard copy, the medical documents should be submitted in a sealed envelope with the student’s full name and AUA ID Number written or typed on the outside. The letter must contain the following information:
    1. The medical condition
    2. An explanation of why the condition should medically exempt the student from participating in Physical Education courses
    3. The time period for this exemption; either
      1. Temporarydue to acute illness or injury – the letter must state when the student can begin participation, or
      2. Permanent due to chronic or untreatable condition that would exempt participation in Physical  Education          throughout undergraduate academic studies
    4. The doctor’s complete contact information
  2. After receiving the medical doctor’s certification letter, the AUA nurse will review the information  contained in the letter and make one of the following determinations:
  3. Accept the medical exemption for the specified time period and notify the Registrar’s Office for the student’s academic records
  4. Contact the doctor for further information in order to make an informed decision
  5. Deny the request for medical exemption based on lack of sufficient rationale.

Students approved for a temporary waiver will be required to take the course in a subsequent semester and must still complete four (4) semesters of Physical Education in order to earn an AUA undergraduate degree.


NOTE: As of Fall 2019, Alternate Physical Education is no longer available.

Military Service Waiver

Students who have successfully completed military service will be waived from completing

FND 152 First Aid, and

FND 153 Civil Defense

Once a student has returned from military service and submits a copy of their military book to the Office of the Registrar, the Office of the Registrar will indicate on the student`s record that the student is exempt from these two courses.

For further information about the Physical Education, First Aid or Civil Defense courses, please contact the Phys Ed Coordinator at [email protected]