Frequently Asked Questions


Where can I find a list of General Education courses?

The complete list of the General Education courses identified with cohesive clusters is available here:

Note: Not all courses are offered each semester. Italicized courses are courses offered within a major with a limited number of General Education seats for non-majors.

Can I apply a course in my major to form a General Education cluster?

No. Courses in your major cannot be used to satisfy General Education requirements. General Education courses are meant to broaden and expand your knowledge beyond the knowledge you get from your major. If you are not sure if a course is in your major, check with your program chair or a General Education advisor.

Can I apply one course to form more than one cluster?

No. Each course can only be applied to one cluster. You choose how to apply the course.

How do I find out more information about a course?

Course descriptions including any prerequisites can be found in the AUA Catalog at

Where can I find more information about General Education requirements?

Information about General Education requirements is available on the General Education webpage at

How do I know if I completed my General Education requirements?

First, review the General Education requirements Then, review the courses you have completed at Lastly, fill out General Education Planning Form to help you compare your completed courses with the required courses.


Do I have to take Physical Education courses?

Yes. Students are required to complete four (4) semesters of Physical Education in the freshman and sophomore years. For more information about these requirements go to

Do I have to take First Aid and Civil Defense?

Yes. All students must complete one course each in First Aid and Civil Defense by the end of their first year. These two courses are self-paced online courses. Freshman students, and any other student who has not completed these two courses, should register for the courses in during registration.

Who is exempt from First Aid and Civil Defense?

Students who have completed military service are exempt from First Aid and Civil Defense.

Note: Students who participate in Pativ Unem are not exempt from First Aid and Civil Defense.

Who is exempt from Physical Education?

Students who have a medical or health condition that prohibits them from participating in Physical Education courses may be exempt from Physical Education. A medical document should be submitted directly and only to the AUA Health Clinic at [email protected]. The Health Clinic will review the document and appropriately notify the student, the Office of the Registrar, and the Physical Education Coordinator.

Whom should I contact if I have questions related to Physical Education, First Aid or Civil Defense?

For Physical Education, First Aid or Civil Defense related questions contact the Physical Education Coordinator at [email protected].


What do I do if the class I want is full?

If the class you want is full, put the course on your wish list and choose an alternative class. If a space becomes available, everyone on the wish list will receive an email with an opportunity to secure that space.

How does a wish list work?

Students select a course to be placed on their wish list directly on  If a space opens up in the course, a notification is sent to all students on the wish list with an opportunity to register for the course. Note: being on the wish list does not guarantee a student a seat in the course.

Can I swap a class with a friend?

No. Swapping doesn’t work. When someone drops a class, everyone on the wish list will be notified that a space is available.  When you drop a class, you are not guaranteed a spot in another class.

Can a seat in the course/section I want be added just for me?

No. Class capacity is predetermined to best meet the learning needs.

Can the instructor add a seat?

No. Instructors cannot add a seat.  Class capacity is predetermined to best meet the learning needs.

What do I do if I have not yet registered for a full load and there is no room in classes?

Put the course(s) you need on your wish list and monitor your email for available space. If you are not able to complete registration by two working days before classes start, send an email to [email protected] (for general education courses) or contact your program chair for courses in your major.

How do I register for a sixth course?

Students cannot register electronically for a sixth course. Students must first submit an Add/Drop form ( to their program chair to receive approval to take a sixth course. The approved form should be sent to the Office of the Registrar. If there is a seat available in the course after the add/drop period, the student will be enrolled in the course by the Office of the Registrar.

What is the add/drop period?

The add/drop period is a time to remedy schedule problems and drop courses without receiving a W on your transcript. The add/drop period is not a time to begin the registration process.  Adding a course during the add/drop period is dependent on space availability. For dates see


Is it mandatory to submit a medical document?

Yes. All freshman and sophomore students must submit a medical document before the start of each academic year.  In addition, any other student who registers for Physical Education must submit a medical document before the start of the semester in which the student takes Physical Education.  Medical/health documents should be submitted directly and only to [email protected]


What is a minor at AUA?

A minor is a set of thematically related courses intended to broaden and complement a student’s learning and experience.

Is a minor required?

No. Minors are optional.

Does a minor appear on the diploma?

A minor does not appear on the diploma, but is documented on the student’s transcript.

What minors are offered at AUA?

Currently, AUA offers the following minors: Environmental Studies; Genocide Studies and Human Rights; Gender Studies; and Philosophy, Politics, and Economics. For more information about minors visit

What do I do if I want to pursue a minor?

Review the requirements for completing a minor at  Take one of the courses required in the minor, in order to determine your interest. Complete the Form to Declare Intent to Pursue a Minor and submit it to the Office of the Registrar. And, then continue to take the remaining courses to complete the minor.


What do I do if I need assistance with technology?

If you are experiencing technical difficulties, email the AUA Information & Communication Technologies Services (ICST) at [email protected]

What do I do if I need assistance with Moodle?

If you need assistance with Moodle, review the Moodle Student Guide created by the AUA AGBU Papazian Library available at You can also contact an AUA Librarian at [email protected].

Where can I find my instructors’ contact information?

Contact information for all AUA faculty and staff is available on the University directory located at the bottom of AUA’s front webpage or directly at

Who can I contact for more information about General Education?

For more information about General Education, contact a General Education Advisor at [email protected].