AUA General Education – Program Goals and Learning Outcomes

General Education CurriculumGeneral Education Curriculum Map Map The following chart shows the General Education Goals and Student Learning Outcomes. 

Program Goals Student learning outcomes 
Goal 4: Develop articulate, conscientious leaders and problem solvers who are committed to contributing to their fields and society.

4.1 Produce and deliver written and oral presentations, and communicate with specialists and non-specialists using appropriate media and technology. 

4.2 Think critically and creatively, conceptualizing real-world problems from different perspectives. 

4.3 Work productively in diverse teams and solve problems collaboratively.

Goal 5: Provide students with a broad foundation of knowledge and skills and cultivate a commitment to life-long learning.

5.1 Use common software and information technology to pursue inquiry relevant to their academic and professional fields, and personal interests. 

5.2 Weigh evidence and arguments, and appreciate and engage in diverse modes of inquiry characteristic of historical, cultural, political, economic, and quantitative disciplines. 

5.3 Properly document and synthesize existing scholarship and data, keep current with developments, conduct independent research, and discover and learn new material on their own.

General Education Curriculum Map